Organizational Info for GBC

Organizational Information About Grace Bible Church’s Pastor, Deacon Board, and Congregation

Meet Our Church Pastor Bill Cooley

photo of church Pastor Bill and his wife Anita
               Pastor Bill and Wife Anita Cooley

Pastor Bill and his wife Anita began their ministry training to be missionaries to New Guinea.  God moved them to central New York, where Pastor Bill became an associate pastor, then principal in a Christian School.  His wife also worked in the school.  In 1982, the Cooleys, with their twin daughters, Carla and Christa, came to New Braunfels, TX, to work at the Christian Corral Ranch in their Christian School as principal and teachers.  In 1985, they founded the Valley View Christian Home and Academy, where they ministered to youth and their families for 13 years.  Pastor Bill helped to organize Grace Bible Church and has been its pastor since June 1997.

Deacon Board

Grace Bible Church operates with a board of deacons composed of six members, including the pastor.   Deacons must meet the qualifications outlined in 1 Timothy 3:8-13 (see also 1 Timothy 2:12).  They are selected by the current deacon board and approved by the congregation during one of its quarterly business meetings.


image of pianist and keyboard players providing background for congregational singing of Grace Bible Church

Christian music is an integral part of worship at Grace Bible Church.

Based on the Church Constitution, the congregation has approval rights for all major decisions proposed by the deacon board at our quarterly and specially-called congregational meetings.  The congregation is consistently informed about the status of our yearly budget, as well as unexpected expenditure needs, missions, and special events.


organizational information about both church congregation and the appearance of the sanctuary at Grace Bible Church

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