Grace Bible Church supports a variety of Christian missions on a monthly basis. Each of these missions shares our goal of honoring Christ’s commission to provide the salvation message both locally and around the world. (Acts 1:8)

John & Jan Lohrenz serve the Lord with CAM International in Baeza, Spain.  They hold Bible Studies in the community and serve local churches.

Radio Station KBIB – AM 1000 is a Hispanic radio station founded by Brother Ken Hutchison.  It reaches out into the western and southwestern regions of San Antonio with the gospel of Christ in Spanish.

Child Evangelism Fellowship is a children’s outreach ministry that assists the local churches with Back Yard Bible Clubs and Good News Bible Clubs after school, often right in the schools.

Jody & Lois Kubo serve with CRU (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) on college campuses in Sydney, Australia.

Gideon’s International is a ministry that distributes Bibles throughout the world.  Local Gideon camps distribute Bibles to hotels, motels, hospitals, doctors’ offices, and schools in their local communities.

Faculty Commons is a ministry of CRU and is comprised of Christian professors in colleges that help believing college students stay strong in their faith as they pursue their higher education.
Christian Law Association is a legal ministry serving the church, Christian schools, and individual believers that face legal challenges to the practice of their faith.

Daniel & Shanna Gower serve the Lord in the Dominican Republic.  They established “Viva Kids,” a ministry to orphans.

image of a bumper sticker available to church members noting the church promise to study the Bible chapter by chapter and verse by verse.

Bumper sticker notes our desire to understand the Bible in its fullness.